NIO Cocktails Porto Azzurro – pack of three

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An original cocktail born from the mastery of Patrick Pistolesi who wants to pay homage to the iconic location on the Island of Elba where Helba Gin was born.

Tear, add ice and pour!

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The history of Porto Azzurro

NIO Cocktails and Helba Gin meet in a unique setting for history, scents and excellence: the Island of Elba.
The mixology art of our Patrick wanted to celebrate the preciousness of this very particular distillate, with an equally special mix of sour and sweet around the Mediterranean botanicals of Helba, the medieval name of the island.
Helba is a very high quality product, to be taken care of in every detail, to best enhance the work of the master distiller.
All the botanicals used in Gin Helba are characteristic of the Mediterranean scrub of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and grow spontaneously on the Island of Elba.
Even the water used in the production process flows from the heart of the island and more precisely in Poggio, on the slopes of the highest peak on Elba: Mount Capanne, with its more than 1000 meters of height. Fonte Napoleone offers one of the 5 best Italian waters and is excellent for distilling thanks to its low fixed residue.

Entering the tasting notes of Helba Gin, the cornerstone of the Porto Azzurro recipe, hints of Mediterranean scrub prevail on the nose: myrtle and barely hinted wild mint, with a light salty note given by the algae in which to immerse. When you taste it the flavor is fresh and aromatic, with juniper that is never invasive but present to impart balsamic notes. Around it, Patrick has created a bouquet of contrasts of extreme prestige and elegance between the sour (the Sage and Lemon Liqueur Carlo Alberto and Cointreau) and the sweet (the legendary Bols Elderflower Liqueur).