Helba is a project born from a passion for an island. Federico, born in 1990, is a communications expert madly in love with Elba, where he has fled whenever possible for more than twenty years. The distillation is entrusted to Anonima Distillazioni of Gubbio, a company whose great quality is recognized in the Italian panorama as certified by the various awards won. The ambitious goal is to make Helba a love brand that brings the magic of this wonderful island all over the world.

A Project of Excellence

Helba is a very high quality product, which is why we took care of every detail and chose partners who shared our passion for excellence, to best enhance the work of our master distiller.

Video Commercial

Curated by the creative agency Moka Lab, “From the heart of an island” is the commercial that tells the essence of Helba.

A chain of evocative images that are inspired not only by the island, but by its legendary history.

According to the myth, Aphrodite, emerging from the foam of the sea that had generated her and proceeding towards the beach where Eros was waiting for her, was trying to fix the necklace that had been given to her by Paris but… suddenly, the necklace broke . The pearls that slipped from Aphrodite’s hand did not sink, but remained afloat, began to populate with flora and fauna, and over time transformed into the 7 Pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, as we know them today. The largest is the Island of Elba, the third largest Italian island.

The commercial sees Aphrodite returning to Elba, recalled by the natural elements of the island which will guide her on a “journey” through the nuances, sounds and colors of the place. She will be attracted to the bowels of the earth, discovering the “heart” of the island which the goddess will return to its rightful place: the sea.